Quiz of the month for September!

by Kazu

At the risk of stating the obvious, this sculpture of antelope is a kind of art. But it is not in the museum.

The question is where it is. 
Hint 1: The entrance of this facility is like this. Very sophisticated and modern.

Hint 2: After the collapse of bubble economy in Japan, the facility had tough time to run itself because the target was not focused and the manner of the guests were not good even in Hokkaido. The owner sometimes had been punched by the guests after he had asked to abide by the rule the facility decided.
Have you got it?
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The present to the winner of the quiz has not been decided. In case I had backlog up to ears, some kinds of coupon will go to the winner.If I find excellent item to present, the amuse will go to the winner. Have a great week!  Gung ho, gung ho!