Uphill battle against deers!

by Kazu

"Deers ate up soy beans!" shouted the supervisor of agricultural benefit association of South Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
Deers entered the soy beans field from the bank of the river and ate soy beans every night. 
 Almost all the soy beans near the perimeter of the field owned Mr.Aoyama were eaten up this week.
Director for industrial revitalization in Kuriyama Town called me and asked for help.  
Electric pulse wires have already been set to fend off the deers but they intruded into the field at the end of the wires.
Traps were set on the bank of the river but the deers detoured the traps and enter the field. How can we prevent the deers from entering the soy beans field.
Of course, the deers in Hokkaido are culled in winter by hunters. Besides, we have to manage to kick out the deers from the field.
Today I will set the special gadget invented for this purpose in cooperation with a private company in Naie Town.
I will report on the battle tomorrow.

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