Foot path in Bibai!

by Kazu                                
The foot path event in Bibai City was held
on September 17(Mon.). About forty people took part in the event and walked through South Bibai Area that was in full flourish from 1950's to 1960's with coal mine industry.

Former residents of this area also enjoyed walking, remembering the era they grew up and talking about what had happened many years ago. 
Two railways were built to carry the coal from the coal mine to Central Bibai Station. The premises for railways are off-limits now.

A very old car without licence plate can be seen in this old town as if in developing country, as well as old Japanese bistro Izakaya and snack that are not
suitable to this forlorn district.
This is typical residence for senior coalmine workers in Mitsui Bibai Coal Mine Company. Most of the residence were refurbished or remodeled, leaving the original design. One building was for two families and enough space was provided for veggie or kitchen garden by the company.

This residence was for the in-house physician of the coal mine company. Even the former resident in this area does not know who is living in this house.

The backyard of the company building is very calm and deers appear so frequently.

The coal mine company gave a piece of coal to each of us very kindly. My wife decided to ignite this coal when we go camping next time.

This huge coal is exhibited in the meeting room of the coal mine company where we had a rest at the halfway point.                                                     This area was for Korean workers but the relationship between Japanese workers and Korean workers seemed to be not good based on the explanation by former coal mine workers in this area. I hope the world of mutual respect without conflicts of borders, cheating and discrimination.
Have a nice weekend! 

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