Why Tokyo Horumon in Yuni Town !

by Kazu

Loved by the citizens of Yuni Town and other area of Hokkaido for half a century, this restaurant have kept the secret recipe for the quality and the taste.The flat pot is unusual for BBQ restaurant but the taste is guaranteed. The taste can be enjoyed in your house by ordering the meat, miso (fermented soy beans paste flavoured with secret ingredients.
Spareribs, chitterlings, liver and tongue of pork with veggies should be thrown into the flat pot all at once and flavoured with special miso(fermented soy beans paste flavoured with secret ingredients). In case the surface of the flat pot was scorched, pour a little bit water and add more miso.
The recommended manner tips for completely enjoying this flat pot is shown on the table. Many repeaters visit so frequently this restaurant run by mamas of farmers. Its URL is http://tokyohorumon.com/  A pint of beer is 500 yen but considering the good condition and taste of the beer, it worth more than that. The kinds of dishes are so limited in this restaurant but that is the tip to run the restaurant for 50 years in this small town. After taking off all the meat and veggies, Japanese egg noodle ramen should be put into the pot. Flavoured with the rest of miso and gravy, the noodle is best to wrap up the dinner ! Please try the restaurant near the station of railway in Yuni Town!