Well-founded Companies Festival in Kuriyama Town 1

 by Kazu

 It was like in Tokyo or Osaka and so crowded on April 14(Sat.) in Kuriyama Town. Particularly the area around warehouses of Kobayashi Brewery were swamped by a hectic amount of people. Some of the visitors set the table and chairs on the road enjoying the newly bottled Japanese sake and food sauced locally.
 Kobayashi Brewery set the counter to give the free sake for the visitors to drink and long long queues are formed in front of the counter. Newly-bottled sake can not be tasted until the same season of next year if we miss that this time. It is much easier to buy the pay-per-cup sake at the other part of the counter than waiting for free sake in the long line in order to appreciate the bless of God!
But the free sake is directly from the barrel and "the first" is what Japanese people loves in terms of every kind of food and drink even though it may be young to eat or drink. 
Various kinds of attractions and performers entertained the visitors so much that most of the people forgot to put on the cream for anti-suntanning.
 This area was not so jammed because the organizer of this festival prohibited to set the tables in order to save the space for performers.
This is the packageof sake bottles for souvenir.
Kita-no-Nishiki is the name of the sake brewed up in Kobayashi Brewery. Absolutely it makes the best match with seafood. Veggies and meats? Of course!

I would like to introduce the beauty of Japan hidden in the house of founder and his descendants.


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