Kuriyama Festival of well-founded companies!

by Kazu

Once a year the warehouse and factory of Kobayashi Brewery and Tanita Confectionary are opened for their clients and visitors to the festival.
Japanese traditional vendors in each festival  "YATAI" and typical attractions and events are arranged. If you missed KAKUTA Shrine hobgoblin's dance performed at the biginning of this year, it will be the last chance to see in this year.
Free tasting of Japanese sake will be the best gift  to the visitors and seafood BBQ is the biggest draw for the residence in Kuriyama Town.
Almost 20 to 30 thousands people visits the town for this annual festival in this season. It will be held on April 14(Sat.) and 15(Sun.)  this year. Please make sure that nobody can drive a car after drinking sake. Free shuttle buses will connect the venue of the festival ,JR station in Kuriyama Town and carpools set in the town.
Details can be seen at
http://www.kitanonishiki.com/ and http://www.kibidango.co.jp/
but both of them are described in Japanese.
Please enjoy the best of Japanese sake in Kuriyama Town!


  1. This looks like fun and near my town too! Thankyou for posting :) Do you know what time it is open until? Is there an english website anywhere?

    1. I am very sorry for not replying to your comment.
      I did not notice your comment.
      I apologize.
      I will keep it in mind to check the comments on this blog.