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(But the photos were taken by the superintendent of the park. Thanks to the municipality of Uryu for contribution of photos! ) 

It can be said  " resurrection of hope" for me to be able to run again this English blog site that should not collapse, in order to deliver the "flow" information of Hokkaido to the world.
I will have to purchase new private computer to maintain this blog site and to send weather alert to the people in Sorachi sub-prefectural area registered for the service.
 Besides, this is the photo of the gatepark of Uryu pond marsh and Mt.Shokanbetsudake(1,492m) National Park on  October 3, 2011. 
But lefthandside is the photo of the same gatepark on October 5, 2011. The snow was melted almost completely.
After July of 2011,  many people saw the brown bear and its excrement as well as the hole that seemed to be dug by the brown bear. Please make sure that the trekkers have the bell to avoid bear attack with them. 
 This area will begin to show its beautiful scenery soon but this area is generally slipperly even on the trail. Some people were carried by the helicopter to the hospital last July because of their bone fracture.
The trekkers can reach the gatepark of the national park through the Shokan Dam by car from Uryu Town after 26km drive. On the trekking way to the summit of Mt.Shokanbetsu-dake, Waterfall Hakuryu (means white dragon in Japanese) and Uryu pond marsh with various kinds of flowers can be seen. It is 4.1km to the marsh of Uryu Pond from the gatepark and walking 4.9km will bring the trekkers to the top of Mt.Minami Shokan.
Four kilometers more walking take the trekkers to the summit of Mt.Shokanbetsu-dake and the distance to the Mashike Town on the west coast of Hokkaido from the summit is 23km.
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