by Kazu

I am very sorry for failing to post my articles with the photos some minutes ago.
I was having a nap during posting my article.

Once I post my article and photos on this blog, it seems to be impossible to amend the article in my office because of the gap of the system between that I have and that Googles requires.

These photos are taken by myself at around 13:45 in Utashinai City. 
A part of the mud and soil brought into the river by the landslide are taken away and the riverflow recovered.  
But the mud and soil on the riverbank is still moving.
Even the mayor of this city do not know if the citizens had threw their garbage to this area for years as the valley had been a garbage dam. 
But actually a hectic amount of garbage is in this mud and soil.
The evacuation area may be expanded on April 25(Wed.) or later. Allegedly it will take 5 days to decide whether the people in this area should be evacuated for more days or not.

Please be careful with landslide and the sign of the landslide possibility in this season after the heavy snow we had in the winter.

Have a great holidays!

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