"Anne of Green Gables" in Ashibetsu City, Hokkaido 3

by Kazu
Today, I introduce Craft Village and Terrasse Dufferin Zone in Canadian World Park in Ashibetsu.
I have to start  hoarding photos and report every weekend.
The season of jaunt has just begun!
Craft Village
Lavenderhouse Parfait:Shop of handicrafts and recycle goods
Herb Museum:Shop of patchwork, quilt, pressed flower, bag, corsage
Gallery Ashi: Exhibition of Art and photos
Frontier house: Souvenir Shop
Terrasse Dufferin Zone
I remember Chateau Frontenac in Quebec, Canada
Anne's Shop: Souvenir, Handicraft Shop, Goods of Anne
Micmac: Cafe
Cafe de Dufferin
Sweebie: Souvenir Shop

Farmer's Station

Miniature Train : Canadian Rocky (for 300 yen) 
This lake is located at the center of Terrasse Dufferin Zone.Candle art festival is to be held around this lake.
We will have the best season for journey in Hokkaido. Everybody is itch to go out for splendid scenery.
Please have a great weekend and enjoy your stay in Hokkaido!

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