Quiz of the month !

by Kazu

I had a time of high quality yesteray with my wife  after redeye work for the people evacuated from their premises hit by landslide.

I was very happy to have culinary  delicacy sourced locally after long soak in hot spring bath surrounded by forest.

The photo above was taken in a certain hotel in Hokkaido. Then I would like to ask the viewers of this blog site where the photo was taken. If anybody could answer to this question, I would send the first person to reply and give me the right answer Japanese sake set contributed by Kobayashi Brewery in Kuriyama that was reported on this blog site many times.

Hint1: It is in Sapporo City.
Hint2: The facility is run by famous Group headquartered in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
Hint3: Lunch & Hotspring Bath is the biggest draw in this facility.

If anybody got the right answer, please do not to hesitate to post comments or send email to
by the end of June,2012.
The answer will be posted on this blog site on July 1,2012.

Please enjoy your stay in Hokkaido enough!