KUROSENGOKU, Black beans in Hokuryu Town

by Kazu

Mr. Nobuo Murai and his peers who want to revitalize the agriculture in Hokkaido inspired the lost black beans,Kurosengoku to come back to the market. The farmers in Japan stopped raising this kind of black beans after 1970's. An agricultural researcher Mr.Jun Tanaka happened to find the original black beans in his study in Mori Town, Hokkaido in 2001 and was successful to raise the beans and harvested 28 beans. After they were raised and increased in agricultural research center in Tsukuba City, they were brought back to Hokkaido and took root in Hokuryu Town, Sorachi subprefectural area
It was found that the black beans have the function of anti-oxygenation effect that is 6 times as much as the normal beans. The amount of Polyphenols is twice as much as red beans.

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