Symposium in Chenglong, Iwamizawa!

by Kazu

It may be a tough call for me to do without tantan-men,  spicy Chinese noodle soup with sesame paste  that I once felt like to have a week  ago just in this restaurant.
It seems that the maitre d' does not have a  good command in Chinese because when I asked her correct pronounciation of Chenglong, she just know Japanese way to pronounce "Seiryu".  
But the Chef  in this restaurant has so high degrees of skill that I got more exta weight last night.  
The owner of the restaurant stays fit and under his inspection the restaurant is spic and span every time I visit here. His taichi training is so hard that I can not catch up with is tricks.  
Gohpar, fried rice with broth-based sticky saucefrom sizzling pot is a kind of entertainment.
 The sound of sizzling is appetizing. Little squid is so funny and tasteful.

This is what I had been eager to have for this week.Tantan-men is so nice to have on weekend.
Chinese fried chicken is good to have with dry beer! 
 My wife thought out loud again an again that she would like to have this fried rice here.
I will have to run 10km and swim 3 km to cull the extra pound today but Japanese sake festival in Kuriyama Town is waiting for us today.
We will be there at 10 am and start to drink.

See you all in Kuriyama Town!

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