by the Regional Policy Division, local Policy Planning Department, Sorachi sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido.

 ・April 28(Sat.)-30(Mon.): YUNI Garden opening festival and cherry blossoms festival will be held in YUNI Garden, YUNI Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
   On first come first given basis, 102 visitors will be presented the seeds of flowers.
  Of course, the cherry blosoms and other flowers will be waiting for you!
・April 28(Sat.)-May 27(Sun.) : Bolishoi Circus shows their best performance in Hokkaido Greenland in Iwamizawa City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
・April 28(Sat.) : Canadian World Park in Ashibetsu City will open!
・April 30(Fri.) : Coalmine Museum in Yubari City where you can experience the real gallery and shaft of coal mine will open!
・May 3(Thu.)-5(Sat.) : Long holidays event will be held in the Steam Locomotive Park in Mikasa City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area. It is possible to ride the small model of bullet train and
real steam locomotive.
・May 5(Sat.) : Takikawa City presents free flight of gliders to the kidsliving in Hokkaido in the Skypark in Takikawa City.
・May 12(Sat.) and 13(Tue.): Somes Saddle Cup, Endurance Horse Riding Competition in Mt.Kamoi-dake, Utashinai City will be held and the local baggage manufacturing company "ITAGAKI'" will host it.                                                              The riders compete each other their time to conquer the course of 20km, 40km and 60km.
・May 13(Sun.): Cherry Blossoms Festival will be held at Sakurayama(Cherry Mountain) Park in Fukagawa City.
  Please enjoy BBQ of lamb, Jingiskan under the cherry blossoms!
・May 19(Sat.) and 20(Sun.): Cherry Blossoms Festival in Yubari will be held at the Historic Park of Coalmine in Yubari City.
・May 19(Sat.) and 20(Sun.): Spring Festival in Tirol Hotspring Spa will be held at the roadside station of Utashinai Tirol.
   Karaoke competition and local products will attract you!
・May 27(Sun.) 10:00-14:00 : Moss Phlox Festival will be held in the primises of Hokkaido Electronics Company in Naie Town.
   Drumming performance, Brass band play delicious food are the big draw!
・June 5(Tue.)-24(Sun.): Lampshade Festival will be held in Nouson Kankyou Kaizen Centerin Shintotsukawa Town.
・June 9(Sat.)-11(Mon.):Takikawa Shrine Spring Festival will be held and many vendors will be on the Bellroad in front of the railway station in Takikawa City.
・June 16(Sat.) -17(Sun.): Shintotsukawa Pottery Festival will be held with the attendance of many very famouspotters loving in Hokkaido.

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