Maple Club in Iwamizawa City

by Kazu

Today, I introduce the nice patisserie in Iwamizawa City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
I think the cakes and confections or coupons of this patisserie will be the present to the MVP of this English blog site in April who contributes the most words with photos which introduces the beautful, delicious, interesting, eyeball-popping, curious part of Hokkaido.

The name of the patisserie is Maple Club(めーぷる倶楽部 on the sign) which is run by the company that runs Patisserie "Red Ribbon" in Iwamizawa City. Patisserie Maple Club is the name sake of the country from where the maple syrup for the cakes are imported.    
Of course, it is Canada. Ice wines for the cakes are also imported from Niagara-on-the-lake in Ontario Province.

This is the entrance of this patisserie.
 Some people may remember their sweet home in their home country. Please forget current narrow space to live in Japan. The stove makes me remember the fireplace I had in my house in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Having a nap in front of the fireplace was so comfortable in winter.
Do you have the nice fireplace even now, Norm?
In this patisserie, so-called "another stomach" is not the word only for the females.

Would you have a  nice tea time in this patisserie?
Patisserie "Kitakaro" (北菓楼) in Sunagawa City has the real firepalce in their lounge  and keeps the fire while they open the patisserie. The cakes and confections made by Patisserie KITAKARO will be the present to the MVP in May, 2012, I think.
A varaiety of sweets are displayed in the cosy house. It is very difficult to select what to eat. 
 Which is better, to send the sweets to the MVP in April or to invite the MVP to this patisserie?
This is the entrance from the parking area.
The decoration is so nice.
Go upstaires and explore the facility.
I have seen the decoration of this kind in Quebec, Canada.Even the pace (landing?) of stairs is adorned with pretty goods and products.
 This is the room for cooking school arranged by the patisserie.
Please have a time of high quality in this patisserie or the current nest in Japan by sending me nice articles with photos of Hokkaido to

Nicer photos of this patisserie are at


But it is in only Japanese.
Please enjoy your stay in Hokkaido!

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