Millet cake made in Kuriyama Town

by Kazu

Nowadays most of the people in developed country are struggling to cull their extra weight. Japanese traditional millet cakes are healthy and delicious to eat for such people.
Millet cake is very famous in Japan because it is refferred to in Japanese fairy-tale "Momotaro". In the story the protagonist Momotaro who was born from a big peach brought by the river flow from the upperside, conquer the land of ogre that annoyed the people in western part of Japan and brought  back the treasure the ogres had robbed the people of.     
In his adventure, Momotaro got the three followers, a dog, a pheasant and a monkey before his battle by giving them millet cake balls. There is the song of this fairy-tale actually and the millet cake ball is referred even in the song.
This is the factory of Tanita Patisserie to process the grains of millet.

Millet cakes are packed in the cardboard boxes at the end of the process by the workes in the factory.
Millet cakes give us the power to battle with orgres and evils based on the fairy-tale.
The last photo is the advertisement poster that has the tagline "before the grandmother was born."
"No,1  in Japan" is the subtitle of the fairy-tale Momotaro and this poster.
Tanita Patisserie also had a long history and even now is producing most of the millet cakes in Japan.
My grandmother who passed away 13 years ago loved millet cakes and I  was very happy to see her smile during she was eating millet cakes that I presented.

I wish I could have show my grandmother the factory in Kuriyama. 

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