HOKUHOKU-AN in Naganuma Town

by Kazu

 The Japanese noodle soup restaurant Hokuhoku-an (ほくほく庵) is at the center of the wheat field in Naganuma Town. But it was in the downtown of Sapporo City before. I am not sure why the owner of the restaurant relocated  to this rural area.
Even now the restaurant is so popular as it was in Sapporo City.
In this season, only snow field can be seen from the window of the restaurant and hot noodle soup is preferred to cold one.
Can you find the photo took in autumn above ?
Cold noodle soup is also nice !
Which is the photo of cold noodle soup ?
It is very small restaurant. Should we call it a-hole-in-the-wall or small cottage on the field ?
More beautiful photos can be seen at

but it is only in Japanese.


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