Chippubetsu Landmark

by Kazu

I was struck by the articles and photos sent by Mr.Evans from the United Kingdom yesterday !   How cool !
Different from my Japanese English that derange native speakers of English, it is crystal-clear and has cutting-edge. Thank you very much for the real King's English. I have to learn more and more the lingua franca.

Sorry for boring report from Chippubetsu Town where I visited on my business jaunt yesterday. As I mentioned before, the municipality of Chippubetsu is inviting new residents with their special land price at 1 yen per 1 square meter to live.
This is the landmark tower at roadstation in their town.
 Today's lunch should be beef kalbi saute with poached egg (800 yen) and salad or KATSU-DON(840yen) that had been eager to eat for this 3 weeks.
After 5 minute-faint from  being disoriented, I went for KATSU-DON and buckwheat noodle soup with salad.
It was tough to decide which I should take, considering my weight increasing. Too much gain of weight wreak havoc and it is a little bit tough to shake off the fat in my body despite I jog around every morning and evening.
Too much calory intake is a serious problem even in Japan even though it it said that Japanese cuisine is very healthy to take in the congress report of the United States conducted 40 years ago.

I am wondering what can we do to save the children starving to death on the other part of this globe. Every single kid should be born in happiness and ample love. I have no kids and won't have but I will seek for the way I can contribute. 

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