Bari-Yatai in Yubari City!

by Kazu

It is snowy even now in Yubari City but inside this food court Bari-Yatai is like in spring.
It is filled with visitors and citizens on weekends.
This photo is entrance of this food court.
This is the opposite side of the entrance.
The alliance of restaurants can provides with a party plan for 3,500 Japanese yen in which all kinds of cuisine in this foodcourt are included.
This restaurant is very famous for its curry buckwheat noodle soup as I introduced before.
I have not tried this restaurant but next time I will try its fried chicken and grilled lamb.
This is typical Japanese bistro IZAKAYA that can serve various kinds of friends of alcohol.
Today's lunch was black ramen noodle soup.
The powder of bamboo carbon is added to the dough of ramen noodle.
It is real black and tastes so nice!
No squid ink is contained.
This spicy ramen noodle soup is the most popular menu in this ramen restaurant. You can select the level of spice, 1, 2, 3. We will arrange to throw a party in this food court this year. If anybody is interested in the party in this Bari-Yatai, please do not to contact me at ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp


  1. udon is my favorite food, above noodle in a bowls look sooo tasty.

  2. Yes! Actually those noodle soup were so nice but for Yubari City. To be honest my favorie is SUMIRE Noodle Soup Restaurant headquartered in Sapporo City. It has branch restaurants in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto and Fukuoka now. The taste of the noodle soup is almost addictive. I posted the photo of the noodle soup in the bowl on this site before but I could not find. Please fined the post of the restaurant SUMIRE in the previous post.