Landslide in Utashinai Later

by Kazu

This is the place where the landslide stopped th waterflow of the river and caused floods in Monju area of Utashinai City on April 24(Tue.) and earth and sand have been taken away with the long-arm back-hoes.
Lefthand side is the crane to set the concrete block at the bank of the river to prevent more landslide go into the river and to stop the waterflow.
This is the back-hoe of normal type.
Compared to the back-hoe of normal type, the bucket of this long-arm back-hoe is much smaller. The size is one forth of normal type because the longer the arm is, the more difficult to operate and keep the balance of the machine. That means it requires hgher degrees of skill to operate the long-arm back-hoe and much more time is necessary to have done the same amount of workload. The operator of this long-arm back-hoe was so tired of the consecutive operation to recover the waterflow and bank protection works around the clock. Another seasoned operator of the back-hoe was throw into this work to accelerate the going of the work.   
After taking off the extra earth and sand, the long-arm back-hoe began to flatten the bank to set the concrete blocks.  At 15:30 of today, evacation of this area was canceled becaude no more landslide will expected in this area and water-supply system had recovered.  
It can be said that the operation of this long-arm back-hoe is a kind of artistic creation to save the people and make the future.  It took my breath away for a while.
 This house is near the area of landslide and a part of the premises were lost this time.
The member of House of Representatives, Mr.Hisashi Inatsu visited the area in the morning today and stood on the cliff the landslide had made on April 24. He listened to the explanation of the officers of Hokkaido Government and recognized the serious situation in this area enough, I think.
After the record heavy snow in Sorachi sub-prefectural area,  landslides began to annoy the residents and the local government staff.  Even in Yubari City that had gone bankruptcy six years ago, the earth under the railroad was swamped with water and taken away.  The fences of the road to protect pedestrians  are suspended in the air even now.  I hope no more floods this year because in 1981 Ishikari River overflowed because of the heavy snowfall in winter and heavy rain is summer. Actually it happened. Please cross the fingers and toes for your safety in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.  

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