Migratory Birds in Naie Town, Sorachi

by Kazu
(The photos and articles are provided by the municipality of Naie )
The fertile plain along Ishikari River where Naie Town is located is one of the best places to rest for migratory birds such as wild geese that move between Siberia and the main land of Japan.

 In spring and fall, many migratory birds can be seen every year in this area.

 But this year, the heavy snow  in winter affects those birds and they can not pick up their feed from the mud in the rice field because the fields are still covered with snow even in spring.  It seems that swans, wild geese and other kinds of migratory birds are leaving this area for Siberia even though they have not got enough feed before their departure. 

 When you recognize the note of those migratory birds, you can easily find their flying formation in the sky.

 The birds depart from this area for Siberia after having rest at Chashinai Pond and other pools nearby in Naie Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area.

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