GoYen Curry & So On, Iwamizawa

by Andy(U.K.)

Before I came to Japan, I had never heard of soup curry. Now that I’ve lived here in Hokkaido for a while, it has become one of my favourite dishes.

At the Waya Festival last month, Go Yen restaurant had a food tent which looked to be incredibly popular. People were waiting in line for more than 45 minutes for a curry, so it must have been good! I wanted to try the restaurant for myself to see what all the fuss was about.

Go Yen has recently moved to a new location in Iwamizawa, (7jo, west 10. Opposite 7-11) into a small first floor restaurant, with only 2 tables and a bench, but with lots of character.

I had the recommended chicken and vegetable soup curry (900 yen), which was excellent. The chicken seemed to be deep fried which gave it a delicious flavour. The vegetables were tasty, although not as plentiful as in certain other soup curries I’ve had. I love a hot curry, so I opted to go up to a 50 on the spice level. My soup had a real kick to it, without overpowering the taste of the curry, perfect.

I’d certainly recommend Go Yen to anyone. They also have another restaurant in Sapporo which I’ll try sometime.

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