KUROSENGOKU, Black beans in Hokuryu Town 2

by Kazu

This is the black beans Kurosengoku produced only 350t a year It contains less protain than normal beans but contains sodium 5 times as much as normal beans produced domestically. Very few amount of black beans. It can not be seen in the general market
The black bean has the effect to reinforce the immunity of human body with the substance which prompt our body itself to produce Interferon γ and to control the allergic response of human body.
Cosmetics can be made from the oil extracted from the black beans but the total amount of anual harvest is very few compared to the normal beans. "It is required to establish the systm to produce a stable amount of the blackbeans." said Mr.Murai, the chairman of the Black Beans Association. So far, it is processed to tea, powder, snack and so on.
Please find the black beans in Daimaru Department store in Sapporo or Dosanko Plaza in the Sapporo JR station building.

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