Chenglong Chinese Restaurant in Iwamizawa

 by Kazu

A comparatively serene Chinese restaurant Chenglong is at the roadside of Route 12 in Iwamizawa City.
It was the firist visit to this restaurant for me in my life in Iwamizawa which started last June.
My wife asked me to take her to this restaurant so many times but we have not had enough time and timing to do that.
It was nicer than I had imagined until then.
 I will try tantan-men next time because we did not enough time to ask the tantanmen this time.
We had fried noodle with sticky broth sauce. The volume was so huge and it tasted so good. 780 Japanese yen!
This is the owner of this restaurant.
He is qualified for the owner of a superb Chinese restaurant because he is very slim as a panda and stay fit, having delicious and balanced cuisine. On top of that, he has the credentials as a master of Taichi(太極拳),so he can give his guest the tips to stay fit even after having a table of Chinese cuisine.

Typical Chinese noodle carved out from the block of flour dough (刀削麺) should be tried next time.
The process of carving out is a big draw (attraction) in Chinese restaurant, generally speaking.

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