Old Detention Center in Tsukigata

 by Kazu

I think I made it to maintain this English blog site at the end of the day. Currently this blogger system provided by Google requires the users to install "Google Chrome" or, "Internet Explorer 8 or 9" but Hokkaido Government allows us to use "Internet Explorer 7" only.
It is a little bit difficult to paint the picture of our system but I exert my best effort to deliver the information on Hokkaido including Sorachi sub-prefectural area. 
 Above is the old detention center in Tsukigata Town where many criminal and political prisoners were incarcerated before the World War Ⅱ. They were mainly worked to build the roads and bridges to develop Hokkaido and many prisoners died of hard work and disease. For 39 years until the detention center was abolished, 1046 prisoners passed away. Every year the ceremony is held to appreciate their hard work and contribution to the development of Hokkaido including the area around Tsukigata Town.  It is said that the dents of stone plates at the entrance were made in the process  the prisoners dragged the iron balls chained to their ankle but that is not true.
This is the room of the superintendent of this Kabato Jail. The first super intendent was Mr.Kiyoshi Tsukigata and the name of this town is the namesake of the first superintendent.
The building of this Kabato Jail is opened for tourists and the model of this building is very interesting. 
Our convenient life and the development of Hokkaido are based on their contribution of their work and life.
In the premises of the old Detention Center, there are junior high and high school now.
Tsukigata town is very nice place to visit enjoying camping, hotspring bath and other activities. Convenient transportation system of Japan Railway supports you to reach Sapporo City and New Chitose International Airport from Tsukigata Town.
If anybody would like to purchase the real estate in Tsukigata Town,  please do mot hesitate to contact me at    ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp

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