Pretty Ghost "Maaru" by Ms.Rei Nakai

 by Kazu

Have you ever heard of Obake-no-Maaru ?
The character was born by a illustrator, Ms.Rei Nakai living in Sapporo City. Her works can be seen on TV commercial film and in each book store in Sapporo.
Obake-no-Maaru which means "Maaru the ghost" is the namesake of Maruyama district in Sapporo City. Mainly he is romping around in picture books and the Modern Art Museum of Hokkaido including its annex museum called "MIGISHI KOTARO Museum" adjacent to the Govenors Residence of Hokkaido.
In the not-too-distance future her works will be translated to English and make a debute in various countries.
Maaru the ghost is very popular in Hokkaido and Ms.Rei Nakai frequently gives her service of story telling and other attractions in cooperation with the modern Art Museum of Hokkaido and the Board of Education in Hokkaido.
This lady is one of the friends of Ms.Rei Nakai and she is eager to have a dinner with Ms.Nakai because both of them have not been able to do that in recent 6 months. It may be preposterous to request the honour to have dinner with her now on the blog, but actually she is on call  for the dinner with Ms. Nakai.
"Maaru the ghost" is so nice story that I am very looking for the English version of this picture book. If it can be allowed, I would translate them to English for free of charge !
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