Kabato Jail Museum in Tsukigata Town

by Kazu

I am feeling inconvenience in writing articles and posting photos in this blog site. I have to check the availability of some computers to maintain this English blog site.
Lefthand side is the entrance of Kabato Jail Museum in Tsukigata Town.
The portrait of the first superintendent of the jail, Mr. Kiyoshi Tsukigata is welcoming all the visitors to the museum.  
The portraits of his successors are also on the wall of this museum. I am very interested in the Japanese traditional swords displayed on the wall.
I can say that they are absolutely a kind of art with practical function.
Iron balls that were chained to the ankles of the prisoners  are exhibited in the showcase.
Like in the U.S.A, the prisoner were given the vivid orange attires that help the warders of the jail to find the prisoner escapee.
Many political prisoners had been educated so much before they were sentenced and provide high degrees of skill to build the roads and public facilities.