Landslide in Yubari City

 by Kazu

I happened in Yubari City.
The heavy snow in winter and  the water flow under the ground caused the landslide in Yubari City. It took away the earth and sand under the railroad. The railroad wll be recovered in a few days and evacuated people will be allowed by the municipality to go back to their home. Japan Railway System in Hokkaido provided the evacuated residents  with free drink and stay in the hotel near Mt.Reisui .
 Old buildings that no one lives in  were swamped by the heavy snow,  earth and sands.   Japan Railway System in Hokkaido is probing and clutching the numbers to settle the problem. Allegedly the citizens in Yubari City will be able to use the train of this line by May 2(Wed.) and before that the evacuated residents in this area will be allowed to go back to their home.