Wine Picnic In Iwamizawa Park !

by Kazu

As the result of the efforts exerted by many people gathering under the name of wine produced in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, three hundred guests fully enjoyed the quality wine and culinary delights in Iwamizawa Park albeit the weather was so lovely with heavy rainfall like in Southeast Asia.
Nakazawa Vineyard, Yamazaki Winery, Housui Winery Maoi Winery, Tsurunuma Winery and 10 R (Toaru) Winery brought their best wine to the venue of wine picnic.
A celebrity Mr. Takuro Tatsumi, an actor, commentator and the Chair of Japan Wine Association appeared with many TV cameras and make-up artist and savored enough the wine and food.
Because of the heavy rain, most of the guests including the members of Sorachi  Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government were enjoyed the wine and food with talk and sound under the tent.  
The performance by Mr. Shohei Yamaki continued even in the heavy rainfall but the sensitive sound from his guitar was annoyed by the noise of the rain.  
 But the sunshine appeared after the heavy rain fall in the afternoon. Many pools were created even on the lawn and the guests had to walk on the wetland to get their wine and food.
Can you recognize the shadow of the food stands on the lawn ? God blessed us for the future of Sorachi wine.
The roof on the stage was taken off to maximize the sound quality and Mr. Yamaki showed his best performance on the day. He has already made his debut in NYC and shows his unbelievable guitar technique and the sound from Heaven once a week in Sapporo City.  
He sold his CD in the venue of this event but a few of the guests went to the CD sellers in the rain. That is why I gave him a present of wine after his performance.
Before it started to rain again, the wine picnic was wrapped up with the curtain calls to the main player of making and prevailing wine of Sorachi sub-prefectural area as well as Mr. Tatsumi who is expected to comment on the wine produced in Sorachi and to advertise on TV show.
Kudos to the people fighting the uphill battle !

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