Jinnai Farm 21 in Urausu Town 4!

by Kazu

Jinnai Farm 21 has a horse stable on its premises and grade-school students visit there on a regular basis to enjoy horse riding.
"This kind of horses called Arab is not appropriate for kids," said Mr. Furukawa, the chief director of this farm. "Arab is gentle but not so much for mischievous kids and we can not assume the responsibility in case of trouble."
It seemed that the horses were well-cared by the staff of the farm. But, as the saddle of the horses cant be seen in the stable, I could not see the frequency the horses gave a ride to people.
This small horses are called "Dosanko" that is indigenous kind of horse in Japan. I saw the same kind of horses in Iceland. Is it interesting to see the similar horses both in the separated countries ?
The black horse in the middle is originally for agriculture and pioneering Hokkaido and has stalk body compared to the horses for races.
The horses seemed to enjoy their lives in the farm but I was not sure if they want to run in the field of green or not.
This horse looked so lonely and seemed to be contemplating on her life in the fences.
This plant is growing baby leaves for salads.
The complete hydroponic system has the appropriate size of width and height to make the harvesting easier than the cultivation on the ground. Each line of hydroponic can be moved for making aisle between the system.
No waist pain to the workers in this green house. They do not have to squat for harvesting.
These buds of baby leaves grow to the size above within a month and can be harvested 10 to 16 times a year without pesticide. Actually the initial cost might be tremendous but the system has  also strong competitiveness in this world, doesn't it.

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