Special Edition of Sunset Project in Hiyama sub-prefecture !

by Hiyama Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Where do you think this photo was taken ? It was taken from the window of the train called JR Esashi Line that connects Esashi Town and Hakodate City. 

Here is to the beautiful scenery of the sunset that can be seen from the window of the train.

This line will be abolished in May of 2014. 

 We can see the train for only eight months, from the sides of the railway or the window of the cart.

 Please enjoy the collaboration of JREsashi Line and the sunset.

Don't you think the above is like a drawing of sunset over downtown of Esashi Town, that was painted by Impressionnistes, do you ?  Because the window frame is like the frame of drawing.

The harmony of the silhouette of the train and clouds like lines is on the light.

The train is on the bridge called "Todogawa-bashi" but only the silhouette of the train can be recognized and it is uncertain what is under the train on the photo. 
The train is heading to the destination Esashi Town.
Please try the train and the scenery from the window of the train before the line is abolished next year ! 

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