Footpath event will be held in Utashinai City Tomorrow !

by Kazu

This is the point to get together tomorrow for the footpath event in Utashinai City. Precisely speaking, the participants to the footpath event should park the car in the parking lot on the premises of the facility that provide this dish. Do you know the hotel and spa " Tirol-no-yu" in Utashinai City ?

After parking the car on the parking lot of "Tirol-no-yu", the the participants to the event should get together at the roadside station of Utashinai City.
 This is "Nanko Teishoku" in the restaurant of "Tirol-no-yu". The meat is the intestine of horses imported from Australia.  When the coalmine industry was in full flourish in this area, when the horses died, the workers of coalmine company ate this kind of dishes, thanking enough the horses for their hard work.
The intestine, sliced onion and cabbage, sprout were on the iron plate and those are eaten with fermented soy-beans sauce called "miso".
This restaurant changed the dish made of horse intestine twice as long as I know. The first one was on the ceramic plate and boiled with egg and leek. The second one was in the iron pot with Chinese cabbage, leek and onion.

I wouldn't like to stick my nose in the way of cooking but the first and the second were not my taste, to be honest, because the original smell of the intestine were not taken off enough. But the third one that I tried this time was so nice and sophisticated. The the original bad smell was taken off enough and the miso paste add the nice twist to the meat.
The photos above, on the left and below were take from the top of Mt.kamoi(dake) from where the open-pit-coalmine in Utashinai City can be seen as well as the clouds under the peaks early in the morning.
  The participants to the event will be carried by bus to the top of the mountain from the roadside station of Utashinai City.
 There are many ski courses that start from the top. Even the hillside could not be seen on that day but I cross my fingers and toes for the fine weather tomorrow.
The silhouette is the starting gate and tower for the downhill competition. It can be used as the lookout in spring, summer and autumn.
 Everything is in the fog on that day.
The open-pit-coalmine can be seen in this direction. The footpath event will start at 13:30 tomorrow. After having a look on the open-pit-coalmine, the participants will be taken to the museum of the city where the history of the coalmine city and precious collection of mini cars are exhibited. Those are worthwhile and can be seen until September 23. Please try the footpath event and the interesting facilities in the city !

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