Shiretoko Pass and the mountains !

by Chis.

Mt. Rausu(dake) in Shiretoko was covered with cloud and we could not get the fine view of it on the day. Neither could we get the fine view of our northern territories off shore of Rausu Town.
Other lower peaks could be seen around Shiretoko Pass but few tourists were at the lookout of Shiretoko Pass.
The skyline over there is not of Kunashiri Island but you would be surprised at the distance between Shiretoko Peninsula and the island that might be much short than you may expect.
This is the lookout of Shoiretoko pass. It was a little bit colder than usual. It was not so hot the past summer. I hope it will not be so cold in coming winter. We are fed up with heavy snow in winter.
This photo was taken from Prefectural Route 244. The mountains in Shiretoko Area could be seen far away from the bridge over Chuurui River. I think the central peak is Mt. Rausu(dake).
Shiretoko Area designated as the World Heritage of UNESCO is the place like a dream but as a result of preservation for wild animals, the number of each species tends to increase in the area and the pressure of creatures also increases.  Not competitive species may have to go west seeking for food and their own territory.    
This is Chuurui River where fishing bears can be seen in autumn. The flow of the river is so clean but the deep at the corner is green.
As the place for tourism, Shiretoko Area went to the dogs before but after getting on the list of UNESCO, it hogged the limelight in Hokkaido. I hope the area will be able to continue to attract tourists and will not give the damage to other area of Hokkaido by increasing the number of creatures that eat up the produces nurtured by farmers.

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