Buckwheat noodle soup "Mebunryo" in Tokachi Shimizu again !

 by Chis.

Sometimes I get eager to eat buckwheat noodle soup in this restaurant. My hubby always orders this fried crisp veggie and shrimp set.
I pick up a bit of the fried veggies from hubby's dish every time.
 This is my favorite "Hiyashi Gomoku"which means cold buckwheat noodle with five kinds of toppings. I got to know that it contains 1.5 times of amount compared to my hubby's dish this time.
I like galette but I prefer this noodle to that.
The restaurant opens at 11:00 in the morning but we arrived in at 10:20.
As long line of people is created just before its open, my hubby set up the director's chair in front of the entrance and waited for the open for about 30 minutes.
Today's buckwheat was produced in Naganuma Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. The strong point of the restaurant is to select the very best of the buckwheat on the day. The restaurant is closed as soon as it run out of the buckwheat prepared for the day.
Please be careful your arrival time and enjoy the fresh taste of the noodle !