Jinnai Farm 21 in UrausuTown 3 !

 by Kazu

In the experimental greenhouses, many kinds of fruits are cultivated but the mangoes are the most expensive among them.
How much do you think the mangoes are ?

Two ripened mangoes cost 12,500 Japanese Yen on the web and more in the real market.
 Can't you believe that ?
Please check the price at http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/kani/ija00953.html

Above is the pineapple field in the huge green house. And the starfruit trees are on the left and below.
 I love the sophisticated sweetness of the fruit. They also are sold at the roadside station in Tsurunuma Area of Urausu Town.
This is the flower of banana, I think. I am getting eager to visit tropical islands in the south and dive into the sea.

 Japanese people don't eat these not-ripened green banana like in the southeast Asia.
Dragon fruits can not be expected to be in the market on a regular basis.
 Have you ever seen this beautiful flower ?
This flower makes for the dragon fruits.
Palm trees are also raised in the greenhouse. The trees are not so high and can be obtained by hands, I think.
I suppose the initial cost to establish these facilities required the founder Mr. Jinnai a small fortune and the running cost is also covered by his private assets. We have to think out the next step together with the company.  
The ripened fruits fall down to the net at the foot of each plant. Some would-be farmers are trained in this farm now and seeking for the way to stand on their own.
I pray for their success in producing fruits veggies and crops added value.

Please enjoy the last day of great weekend  !

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