Dynamite Ramen Noodle Soup in coalmine area !

by Kazu

As you can imagine from the color of the soup, it's so spicy but different from Chinese "Tan Tan Men". It is provided in "Tanko Shokudo", which means "coalmine diner", in the roadside station "Haus Jarvi Naie" in Naie Town.
This noodle soup is called "Happa Ramen" in the diner because of the hot spicy taste is like the explosion of dynamite in the mouth.
 Naie Town has sister relationship with Haus Jarvi in Finland that is the namesake of the roadside station beside Route 12 in Naie Town.
It was not as hot and spicy as I expected but so tasteful with something like broth of seafood. If the white sesame paste was added, it would be much more similar to Chinese Tan Tan Men, I think.
This fried rice contained chopped grilled pork and onion. For lunch, it is recommended to females. The overview of the diner and the roadside station  can be seen at    http://machiken292.com/
Besides, the local summer festival was held in Utashinai Town on September 8(Sun.) when we held a footpath event that started from this roadside station in Utashinai City.
kudos to the staff members of the municipality ! They had grilled skewered chicken until just before the footpath event.
The citizens of the smallest city in Japan seemed to be enjoying enough their local event.  
The building on the hillside is "Tirol-no-yu" the hot spring spa and hotel in the city. The facility is refurbished and opened again at the end of August. It has a huge indoor arena that is available and convenient even when it is raining. Many amateur teams and sky teams use this facility. " We need more guests in spring, summer and autumn. It is almost full with the sky teams and tourists in winter, " said Mr. Sato in the city hall.      

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