Historical Tour rather than Footpath Event in Utashinai City ?

 by Chis.

After conquering the peak of Mt. Kamoi(dake) and enjoying the scenery from there, we were given a lecture about the history of Utashinai City in the civil museum called Yume Tsumugi.  The curator of the museum, Mr. Sakuma kindly explained about the instruments used in the coalmine developed with the city and its history.
Most of the citizens are the descendant of the immigrants from Akita Prefecture and the festivals held in the city is strongly affected by the culture of the prefecture except for the dialect.
This is Mr. Sakuma explaining about the former residential area of the city, showing us the miniature model that can be lit with the power generator of bicycle type.
I just missed but the fireworks can be seen in the sky of this miniature model if you generate enough power.
 This is also the miniature of the bike shop in the city, that was rented by a collector of miniature automobiles including so-called "Super Cars" that were in the boom in 1970's.  
This caterpillar tractor is not miniature but was actually used in the tunnel or gallery in the coalmine before. As the tunnel of the coalmine was not so big, the tractor is not so huge.    
This cart was for carrying the coalmine workers to the bottom of the mine.
 This cart carried out coal from the tunnel again and again for years. These carts are exhibited on the basement floor of the museum.
Mr. Sakuma explained about the drill actually used in the coalmine.
My hubby's colleague Mr. Kashiwa tried to hold the drill and was so surprised with the weight of it that he could not believed the coalmine workers kept holding the drill for hours in the bad working conditions in order to produce "black diamond".  I felt it was actually difficult to keep the drill on our shoulder level for minutes.
You can see the collection of miniature cars in the museum until September 23(Mon.). I think the crazy collectors of miniature cars will spend a small fortune to obtain those collections. Would you experienced the actual gallery of coalmines ?    

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