Detention Center in Tsukigata Town !

 by Kazu

This is the shaft tower of the coalmine  in Utashinain City. The tunnel of the coalmine is connected to the adjacent  Akabira City.
 Now that the coalmine is closed, the power of the nature is conquering the artificial object.
That's it about Utashinai City, the smallest city in Japan.
This is the office of the superintendent of Tsukigata Detention Center. It is in the museum and the current detention center is located in the outskirt of the town.
The superintendent of the detention center was called "Tengoku" in Japanese and has the power to carry out the public works such as building road and bridge that supported  the development of Hokkaido.  
This is the office of the vice superintendent of the detention center. It is a little bit narrower than that of superintendent.
 This is the roof tile of the original detention center.
 The layout of the original detention center is like this. So many political prisoners and criminals were locked up and used for the public works.
Many prisoners died of the hard work and disease. Every year, the ceremony of memorial service is carried out by the municipality of Tuskigata.

to be continued