Jinnai Farm 21 in Urausu Town !

by Kazu

In the evening of full moon in September, Japanese people make such dumpling to savor with the beautiful full moon and set Japanese pampas grass in the vase. That is "the"must" for us Japanese in every autumn. Watching the beautiful moon and looking back hot summer, family members enjoy talking and pray for bumper crop.  
 Besides, there is a kind of Shangri La in Urausu Town. The name is Jinnai Farm 21. It was established by Mr. Ryoichi Jinnai who also founded short-time banking company "Promise". These photos were taken from the lookout on the top of central tower building in the farm where the new farmers are trained.
The farm is at the foot of Mt. Shokanbetsu(dake).  To run a farm and to develop the agriculture in Hokkaido, getting over the cold winter and controlling the hot summer are the first and the most important challenge to face.

In this farm, getting over the cold winter means to grow veggies and fruit trees in the facility and to make the most of the time in winter to process them. Controlling summer means to make use of ice made in winter in air-conditioning in summer. The founder and the farm are convinced that the agriculture in Hokkaido will developed by leaps and bounds with these methods.  
To reform the agriculture in Hokkaido, one of the key is organizing company to run a farm. Based on the agricultural model for each area and style to run a farm, Jinnai Farm 21 is playing a role to accelerate the revitalization and creation of agriculture as the food producing industry that attracts people and the world
The farm collected 15 couples to raise stable farmers and opened training facility called "Mugen-juku" as the cram school for would-be farmers in 2006. The founder Mr.Jinnai devoted his private asset to the project to support the trainees to stand on their own.
The central building is like an institute for agricultural development.
 A huge warehouse for ice and cold air is under the ground with such chimney-like monument.
Red cattle are raised in the farm. The staff is struggling to make dried and aged beef which is my favorite.
Compared to the black cattle,  the red cattle is easier to treat. The percentage of the red cattle decreased so much. To preserve the red cattle and to enhance the beef culture in Japan, it is so important effort exerted for the future.
The tire is to scratch the back of the cattle.
Stress less circumstances are the most important for making the best beef.
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