Jinnai Farm 21 in Urausu Town 2 !

 by Kazu

The calf of the red-haired cattle is about six months old. It will experience the cold winter and heavy snow for the first time in its life.
If you have chance to visit the farm, please go out to the fields where the cattle are eating grass and having a nap. The cattle will get interested in you and get together and surround you.

 But please don't touch them. If you touch them they are surprised. The red cattle are so huge but very gentle. This farm is exerting an effort to preserve this kind of cattle that are rare in this country now.
Dry and aged beef produced in this farm can be purchased at
or the roadside station in Tsurunuma Area of Urausu Town.
 Tropical fruits are also raised in the greenhouses of this farm. "Affected by global warming and greenhouse effect, southern part of Japan is getting out of the best area to raise those tropical fruits for gift. Too strong sunshine gets the surface of the fruits too hard and those fruits are not appropriate for high end market," said Mr.Furukawa who is in charge of the management of the farm.  
"On top of that, to make them available for the year-end gift, the temperature in the greenhouse should be kept low in May and June and it is difficult to adjust the temperature in the southern area because it costs too much. This is the advantage in growing the tropical fruits in Hokkaido," Mr. Furukawa told us.
 According to his comments, they have only two choices, raising the fruits in natural environment and producing a lot of low price or raising them in completely controlled environment and targeting high-end market.
Many farmers in southern part of Japan visit this farm and learn the strategy now. Cooling down costs so much but in Hokkaido, it is easy if we make the most of snow or the cold temperature in winter.
Needless to say, those fruits are so delicious with promised quality.
It is very fine today !
Please enjoy the cool air in autumn !

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