Horoshin Onsen Exhibition in Numata Town !

by Kazu

On the next day of YOHTAKA Andon(Lantern) Festival, it was cloudy in Numata Town but it might be good for the citizens of Numata Town, who were so tired of wrapping up the festival and binge drinking.
Every time I stayed in this hotel, I am so impressed by the skill of the chef in the restaurant. I wish I could stay there for more than a day because my stays were so short every time.    
 This time, the fossils of old creatures were exhibited in the lobby of the hotel.
 It is the ancestor of whales. It still has legs.
The fossils were in the ground as shown on the right.
 These are the real fossils found in the town.
 The creature was considered to have inhabited in Hokkaido fifteen million years ago.
 The wood craft named "Golden Watermill" is also exhibited in the lobby of the hotel.
Its courtyard is made of stones and arranged in Japanese taste. Light emitting beetles are in the backyard of the hotel but they were brought by the municipality to revitalize the area with tourism. The bylaw of Hokkaido to preserve the local species prohibited to bring in the creatures from outside of Hokkaido but the bylaw was established after the municipality brought in the light emitting beetles. What kinds of decision would be made ?