Special Edition of Sunset Project in Hiyama sub-prefecture 2 !

by HIYAMA Sub-prefectural Office of
   Hokkaido Government

This cart is キハ(KIHA) 40 type. Showing the beautiful sunset to the passengers on its right hand side, it is heading to Kikonai Town. This photo was taken in Kashiwa Area of Esashi Town.
 The mountains of Kumaishi area reflecting the sunshine can be seen over the ocean from the top of Minamiga-oka in Esashi Town.
The setting sun made the pillar of sunshine over the cloud. 
  The sunset over the island named Okushiri can be seen from the athletes field of Minamiga-oka area in Esashi Town.
The clouds colored with the setting sun are over the train of Esashi line that will be abolished next year. 
Again, please visit Hiyama area and try the train before it fades away.

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