Utoro in Shiretoko Area of Hokkaido !

 by Chis.

I think most of the people are all on the same page when it comes to talking about salmon roe called "ikura" in Japanese and Russian.
Unless having allergy against salmon roe, most of the people love the taste and the sense of touch in the mouth, I think.
This is "Salmon and Salmon Roe Rice Bowl"
in the restaurant run by the ladies of fishermen's association in Utoro.
Salmon and its roe are "in" now in Hokkaido.
Actually, the rice bowl and the grilled salmon showed the difference from the ones of other seasons. The grilled salmon was so fatty that the chef had to cook it in the microwave oven again after grilling it in the oven.
As the salmon was not well treated before grilling, soy sauce was necessary to savor it enough. I wanted the chef to put the salt of appropriate amount on the salmon and nurture the best condition.
Many tourists queue up in front of the restaurant every time I visit there. But I am wondering why some people order curry rice and ramen noodle soup that has no characteristics as the dishes provided by the spouses of fishermen.
Is it recommended in some guide book of this area ?
No, this flag of ramen noodle soup may be attractive and inviting. Come to think of it, the restaurant is originally for the fishermen who may be fed up with seafood. Many tourists may think that the restaurant may serve the special ramen noodle soup as the fishermen's specialty.
This autumn is for art, appetite or love for you ?
Please enjoy the beautiful season in Hokkaido !    

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