Oasis Park in Sunagawa City !

 by Kazu

It was so beautiful day that I dropped by the water front of Sunagawa City. The city has the park called Oasis Park near Ishikari River.
This riverside road is mainly for the patrol cars to check the river flow. If the river flow is too much and flood may happen, the gate to the pool from the river is opened and the amount of water in the river can be adjusted. This is the tower to keep an eye on the river.
Other cars and bicycles can use this road but the patrol cars are the priority.  
It seems that the road can be used as the comfortable cycling road from where the beautiful scenery can be seen.
I have to apologize for failing to show this road on the cycling guide book "Sorachi de Cycling" and the official site of Sorachi Sub-prefctural Office of Hokkaido Government at    http://www.sorachi.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/ss/srk/cycling_en.htm
that was made up under my call of the shot.
The riverside is covered with loan and grasses.The route 12 has heavy traffics all day long but this road should be recommended to the bikers, as well as the road parallel with the route 12 and high way.
How long can we enjoy cycling this year ?
Guided bicycle tour will be conducted in coming October for domestic people and in November for Taiwanese people. After the best season to enjoy the autumnal foliage, what will they be able to see and enjoy ? Orange larch along the road or the fine view without the leaves of trees ? I regret the delay of the start for the project.
Please enjoy the flat road in Sorachi area !

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