"Komorebi-no-Mori" Memorial House in Utashinai City !

by Kazu

The old guesthouse built by the coalmine company in Utashinai City is called "Komorebi-no-Mori" including the forest surrounding the guesthouse. That means the sunshine through the leaves of the forest.
The details of each part of the house shows how lucrative the industry was, I think. Of course, the various kinds of precious items collected with the "coal money" are worthwhile.
The alcove of the house is now the stage of those precious items and it is off-limits.
I regret that I should take the photos of the details of decoration on the wall of the room.
Frequently, Japanese style parties were thrown in this room and top dogs of this country were invited and stay in the room.
It had beautiful courtyard including flower gardens but the municipality of Utashinai does not have enough money to maintain them.
Many literature and objects of virtue are exhibited in the room used as the museum.
The corridor of the house, called "Engawa" make almost all the Japanese feel nostalgia. People in old Japan enjoyed talk in this kind of space with open window and nap in the sunshine.
This pot for urination of males is not in use and just for exhibition.
Neither this Japanese style toilet.
This is the bath tub for the guests and smells good from the cypress of the tub when pouring hot water.
The sink of washing room has bamboo bed to avoid splash.
The round window was the symbol of luxury.
This is the original entrance of the guesthouse.
The guests opening the door saw this art at first. The bamboo forest is described on the board.
I should not say the prices of these arts but can you feel the beauty of the pots and cups ?
I am not sure if the ceramics were actually used or just for watching and touching.
Needless to say, this was for watching.
But I think these cups for the Japanese tea ceremony were used for receiving celebrities in this guest house.

Japanese green tea was poured in the black cup. Can you imagine the contrast made of pale green and the deep black ?
This is the vase for the flower arrangement. The light orange make the room bright.
Hmmmmm, good taste of everything.

Please visit this old guesthouse in Utashinai City but do not steal the precious !

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