Historical Tour rather than Footpath Event in Utashinai City ? 2

by Chis.

After learning about the history of Utashinai City, we walked around the downtown and residential area of the city.
The city has townhouses and nursing home designed like the buildings in Tirol.
"At first, we were criticized by the members of the city council. They asked us why had  you built such bad taste buildings like motels where to make love." said Mr. Sato in the municipality of Utashinai. "Gradually, the design was accepted by the citizens and it became the integrated design of the city."
We visited the former entrance of the coalmine that had been the driving force to develop the city. There are many monuments established by the labor union of the industry, the coalmine company and so forth.
 The tunnel lead to the gallery and the shaft of the coalmine in adjacent city Akabira over the mountain.
 Every participants to the event learned the hidden history of the city and geographical location under the ground.
This is the symbolic shaft tower of Sorachi Tanko Company with an emblem on the top.
Of course, its is not in use now but the tower itself is left on the hillside.
The office building is still used to manage the operation in the open-pit coalmine in the city.
The backyard of the shaft tower also had been an open-pit coalmine before but now, it remains brown without trees. I am not sure this area will be in use for something or not.

It is getting cold. Please take care, friends !
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