Taushubetsu Bridge in and on Lake Nukabira !

by Chis.

Beside Route 273, on our way from Nukabira Onsen Area to Mikuni Pass which is the highest pass in Hokkaido, there is a small parking area for the tourists to visit the lookout for seeing Taushubetsu Bridge.
After walking through the forest for five minutes, this old railway bridge can be seen from the lookout.    
The photo taken from the air can be seen at

 This bridge was built in 1937 for the railway Shihoro Line that connected Nukabira Area and Tokachi Mitumata.
  • To build Nukabira Dam and to make the lake for electric power generation, the route of railway from Shimizudani~Nukabira~Horoka was changed and the railway on the bridge was disused.

 After that the bus line from Nukabira Area to Tokachi Mitsumata took place of the railway and the whole Shihoro Line was disused.
The railway was taken away and the path in the forest was left.
I saw the similar green tunnel that is still in use on TV program that report on Ukraine.
I have to visit Esashi Town to take JR Esashi Line that will be disused next year.  
This is Horoka Onsen that has very nice hot spring bath outside of this house. Females have to go through the men's bath to go to the outside bath that is for both men and women. The female visitors can use big bath towels to hide their body but have to watch the naked males washing themselves on the way to outside bath.
Would you try ?  

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