Poisson Rouge NANAYA in Iwamizawa City !

by Chis.

I found the restaurant that set up the food stand in "Wine Picnic" held on the premises of the Rose Garden in Iwamizawa Park. High quality Italian cuisine and drinks can be savored in Poisson Rouge NANAYA

  address:16-1, Higashi 2 Chome, 4 Jo, 
             Iwamizawa City
■Parking lot: for four cars
■Close:Sunday( Reservatiion is required)

◇ OPEN ◇
■Lunch 12:00~14:00
■Dinner 17:30~
Green salad above was served with nice dressing savoring citrus and creme cheese. For that price, it was much better than I expected.
My husband started with a pints of cold beer but the olive and the cracker topped with foie gras paste fit dry Chablis to a T albeit I can not drink at all.    
Pizza Margarita was not crisp but so soft with tasteful cheese. Generally speaking, the restaurant seemed to stick to the quality of cheese they used for dishes or served directly to the customers.
To be honest, I prefer the crisp pizza of Roman style but the taste of the pizza was superb !

 The fried chickens seemed to have been well-treated before fried. Caesar salad could make a wonderful contrast with the tasteful fried chickens.
This carbonara seemed to be affected by the female French Chef who served for the former president of France, François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand. The egg seemed to be warmed with hot water.

Please try the dishes and the design of the restaurant as soon as possible !

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