Entrance to the under world !

by Kazu

There was a entrance to the gallery of a coalmine, that was connected to the adjacent Akabira City. The labor union and the coalmine company set up these monuments near the entrance.
Sumitomo group owned and run the coalmine in Utashinai and Akabira City.
This is the entrance of the coalmine. The half of the entrance had been buried.  
 To pray for the safety of coalmine workers, a shrine was established  near the entrance but that was taken away.
These monuments may be for local deity.

 This is the coalmine named "Sorach Tanko and the tower for elevators. Different from other towers of coalmine in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, it is covered with shields.                                                                                                                                              
 This area was a open-pit coalmine that produced high quality coal.
 An incinerator was built near the company before but it collapsed and the building is destroyed now.
This is the tower of the coalmine shaft that has the emblem of the company on the top.
The former open-pit coalmine is not covered with woods and the layer is still exposed to the air. A part of the area became the vineyard to produce the quality wine. As time goes by, the scenery changes in Hokkaido.