Wild Fowl Observation Center ② !

by Kazu

"What are you looking for and what have you found in the marsh ?"
I swallowed the question while they were looking into the meniscus of the telescope.  
 If they had visited the area in spring or autumn, the could have seen the migratory birds flying in flocks that had seemed to be a huge creature changing the shape in the sky.  
This Bekanveushi Marsh was designated as one of the heritage in the Ramsar Convention.
 Canoeing or Kayaking on the creek in the marsh is so nice that you may forget all the chores in your life for a while.
The ladies were jotting down what they found and figured out for the report they would make up.
At that moment, they did not imagine they would be able to enjoy canoeing in the marsh. The report and photos of them enjoying the cruise in the marsh will be posted in the near future.
The facility also has the corner to experience crafting and some works made by the citizens of Akkeshi Town or the visitors were displayed on the shelf.
 The diorama of the area was also displayed near the entrance of the facility.
They go the perspectives of the area, I think.
 Akkeshi Bay and the land surrounding the bay are the gifted and blessed so much by the deities of Hokkaido.

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