The creatures in Akkeshi Bay !

by Kazu

A Japanese fluvial sculpin was the second guest to our boat.  It is not a Monk fish but the shape is similar. It is called "Kajika" in Japanese.
It is called "Nabe-kowashi" that means pot-breaker because it is so delicious that the people eating the fire pot break the pot itself.                                                                                                                                      
The third guest to the boat was found. It was a tidepool gunnel, Ginpo in Japanese.
 The ladies started shooting and poked the fish.
The male Japanese fluvial sculpin raises their babies. One of them was near the adult. It was so small but the shape is almost the same.
 In the bush of water-weed, a variety of plankton grow and that nurture various kinds of creatures.                                          

Some fishermen were picking up clams in the water.  Some parts of the bay are very shallow.              
 After the researching cruise, the ladies felt as if they became the ladies of the ocean. They gave us their best shots.
At that moment, I was not sure if they would be able to build up the plan to maximize the exposure of the town.
To be continued.

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